Summer 2013

No BS! Brass just dropped its fourth studio album, RVA All Day, here in Richmond with a pair of shows at Balliceaux and The Camel and will be traveling to DC for an NPR Tiny Desk Concert on Thursday, May 23rd. On Friday, May 24th, we’ll be headlining Friday Cheers on Brown’s Island with our friends, Murphy’s Kids and Former Champions. On May 26th, Fight the Big Bull comes out of hibernation to reprise its Sounds of the South project at the Sydney Opera House with Justin Vernon, Megafaun. No BS! Brass hits the road for a tour of the Northeast (more info to follow soon) in late June. In early July, I’ll be spending a few days in Montreal with my good friend Rachel Therrien and the Jazz Composers Series. More No BS! dates in July culminate in an August 8th performance at Lincoln Center Out of Doors in NYC! Stay in touch, y’all!


About ombakmusic

Trombonist and composer in Richmond, VA. I perform with Ombak, Fight the Big Bull, No BS! Brass and Verbatim.
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